The Dentique Dental Solutions Precise Approach to Care

Microscopic dentistry

We use an advanced microscopic to ensure the highest quality care.

Have you ever had a filling or crown completed and were left feeling that your tooth was just as bad off afterwards as it was before the treatment? At Dentique Dental Solutions, Dr Dennis Teoh practices precision dental care on a microscopic level to enhance the quality of care that you receive.

Our microscopic approach to dentistry involves the use of a Zeiss Pro Ergo Operating Microscope for every dental procedure including fillings, crowns and root canals. With such great detail and imaging capabilities, Dr Teoh is capable of perfecting the smallest of details when it comes to rebuilding or restoring your tooth.

With a minuscule camera attached to a microscope lens, the imaging capabilities allow Dr Teoh to operate more clearly even if it is something as simple as a filling. He gets every detail just right.

You'll see the difference for yourself

The high-definition image of your tooth’s surface is visible on a large-screen television monitor. You can know exactly what is going on and work with Dr Teoh to create a care plan that addresses these microscopic concerns as they relate to the long-term health and comfort of your tooth.

We utilise the Zeiss microscope during the:

  • Examination and assessment of your current oral health
  • Diagnosis of specific problems
  • Treatment and restoration of teeth
  • Before-and-after view of your procedure
  • Sharing our findings with you during examinations

You can even watch your procedure in real time as the images are projected onto a monitor in the treatment room.

Why It Matters to Our Patients

Restoring a tooth with a filling or crown properly will mean that proper anatomy and biting function of the tooth is fully restored. Without enabled magnification, a dentist works only as detailed as they can see or feel. No other North Sydney dentists utilise microscopes in their practices. Dr Teoh's preferred method of microscopic dentistry ensures accuracy in care during every treatment.

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