Here at Dentique, we have a strong focus on dental hygiene active maintenance and we believe it is the most important approach to preventive dental care. We want you to keep your teeth for LIFE and our strong hygiene department lead by our professional team ensures you for optimal dental health.

Regular dental check-ups with our dentists and hygienists are highly recommended, as they will be able to detect any dental problems that are developing. Early detection is key to preventing a small concern turning into a major problem. For most of us, a dental check-up every 4 – 6 months keeps your teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Our teams are experts in preventive care and our dental hygienist’s proactive approach to dental care is an important factor when considering long-term health. We think of our hygienists as personal trainers for your gums. They are dedicated to helping you reach your goal of a fit and healthy mouth, whilst motivating you to maintain it. As with fitness, you can lose the health of your gums by not spending the time looking after them.

Our aim is to create a more balanced oral health environment for all our clients by reducing the prevalence of tooth decay, premature tooth loss, and gum disease-causing bacteria. Schedule your routine dental hygiene appointment with our hygiene team today!

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