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Accurate North Sydney Crowns and Bridges

Dr Teoh uses a microscope for all dental procedures to ensure the highest quality work.

Dentique Dental Solutions provides our patients with the most accurate fitting crowns and bridges as possible. Dr Dennis Teoh utilises microscopic equipment to carefully assess even the most minuscule of details, contours and shape of these restorations to enable a comfortable bite and anatomical integrity.

Using magnification during your crown or bridge treatment allows Dr Teoh to carefully assess all margins around your restoration for the closest fit possible. This helps to limit bacterial buildup by assuring a tighter fit around the circumference of your teeth.

Custom Bridges for Missing Teeth

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth or teeth that have been extracted because of disease. They can be placed on healthy neighbouring teeth as well as dental implants. Each end of the bridge is a functional crown that supports a dental prosthesis (or “pontic”) suspended in the middle to restore both the function and aesthetics of the missing tooth. Bridges also help to preserve natural teeth spacing.

Crown and Bridge Treatments in North Sydney

Getting a dental crown is a long-term investment in the health and integrity of your tooth. Dentique Dental Solutions is one of the only boutique North Sydney dental practices to offer microscopic dentistry to their patients. It’s just one of the ways we facilitate long-term natural tooth preservation and smile rehabilitation. Contact us today to find out if microscopic dentistry is the answer for improving your smile!

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