Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal of Wisdom Teeth in North Sydney

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Our North Sydney dentist provides comprehensive wisdom tooth treatments including extractions. For more complex cases, Dr Dennis Teoh brings a specialist into our practice so that you never have to visit an off-site facility. Everything that you need can be completed in one comfortable, boutique location.

Dr Teoh will order a panoramic X-ray of your teeth and jaws to fully assess the anatomy of each wisdom tooth as it relates to your entire smile.

If there is not enough space for them to erupt properly or they are causing infection, he will likely recommend having the wisdom teeth pulled before they cause infection or decay against neighbouring teeth.

Sleep Dentistry For Your Comfort

During your wisdom tooth extraction, you have the option to request sleep dentistry (IV sedation) for your comfort. Selecting sedation for your dental appointment is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety or fear of the procedure. Dr Teoh will discuss your options with you to help you determine which type of stress relief is most appropriate. Please feel free to ask!

If you or your teenager is experiencing symptoms of wisdom tooth pain, please contact our North Sydney dentist today to schedule an exam.

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