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At Dentique Dental Solutions, Dr Dennis Teoh provides North Sydney families with an alternative to traditional drill-and-fill dental practices. What makes our boutique practice different is that Dr Teoh utilises a dental microscope for nearly every restorative procedure that he completes, including fillings.

Dr Teoh uses a microscope to ensure the highest quality work when repairing cavities.

In order for you to appreciate the quality of Dr Teoh’s work, he will always take a “before” and “after” photo of your teeth during treatment.

Composite resin fillings are free of mercury-containing amalgam and can be colour-matched to the same shade of your current tooth. The material bonds directly to your enamel and is resistant to expansion and contraction that occur with metal fillings.

Just like finding the perfect fitting shoe, a customised dental filling can help you avoid additional discomfort or problems associated with everyday use. Our goal is to place your microscopic filling and show you how effective preventative care techniques can help you maintain your restoration for as long as possible.

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